Meeple Station Wiki

Trade ships appear randomly and dock with airlocks set for trade.

An airlock must be set to trading status to receive incoming trade ships. To set a dock for trading, the airlock must have enough room in front of it to receive a ship. The dimensions of a trade ship are 7x3x3 meaning 7 tiles long by 3 tiles wide by 3 tiles high. Space must be left on the levels both above and below the airlock to allow a trade ship to dock. Trade ships will move through station walls harmlessly. Airlocks will not lose oxygen when a trade ship docks. Meeples will not enter or exit an airlock set to be used for trading.

Trade ships provide resources in exchange for credits, or visa versa. Each ship carries a limit number of each resource and credits.

Docking trade ships can be used as an income source when the "Head of Administration" meeple is set in the Hierarchy tab. Each ship that docks provides 50 credits as a docking fee. There is no observed limit to the number of ships that can be docked to a station at one time.

Edited on 04/12/2019