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Updated for version 0.6.03 - 26th April 2019

Research mode (or only called "research") is most important for the space station's survival.

In this panel, the player can research important technologies to improve the station:

Name Requirements Description
Advanced Refining.png
Advanced Refining None Upgraded your Refinery to be able to refine advanced minerals.
Advanced Circuits.png
Advanced Circuits None Allows the creation of advanced circuits, used in most advanced technologies.
Botany None Enables hiring Botanists, and Planting Bay constructions. Used to create better food at a much quicker rate.
Body Armor.png
Body Armor None Greatly increases the health and resistance for all of your Meeple
Clearance Levels.png
Clearance Levels None Unlock's the ability to lock Bulkheads to only allow passage for certified personnel.
Shield generators.png
Shield Generator Advanced Circuits Enables construction of Shield Generators, which are able to store power to absorb various projectile attacks.
Anti-Ship Turrets.png
Anti-Ship Turret Advanced Circuits Enables construction of Anti-Ship Turrets, used to fight off enemy bombers and other large hostile threats.
Fuel Processors.png
Fuel Processor Advanced Refining
Advanced Circuits
Enables construction of Dilithium fuel processors, and hiring quantum physicists to maintain them. Dilithium fuel is used in various technologies.
Quantum Engines.png
Quantum Engine Fuel Processors
Advanced Refining
Advanced Circuits
Enables construction of quantum engines, used to travel around the quadrant.
Dilithium Reactor.png
Dilithium Reactor Fuel Processors
Advanced Refining
Advanced Circuits
Unlock's Dilithium Reactor which consume fuel to produce large amounts of advanced power.