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Power is really necessary to run the Meeple Station.

Producing Power[]

In order to produce power, players will need to create power producing tiles, like Solar Panels, and connect them to a circuit to store the generated power.

Storing Power[]

A circuit cannot have or use power unless it has a means of storing it. Players can create Furniture such as Power Cells and Transformers to store power.


Circuits are used to transfer and move stored power around to necessary components. Tiles and furniture that use power in any way will make up a circuit. Even without Cables a circuit can be made simply by placing two conductible tiles or furniture beside each other.

Using Power[]

Some furniture in the station requires power, such as Life Support and Refineries. A power consuming item attached to a circuit will only draw power when it is performing its function.

Advanced Power[]

Advanced Power is stored and used differently to regular power. It is used to power advanced technologies and cannot be used to power regular technologies.

Advanced Circuits[]

Advanced Circuits are managed similar to regular circuits, although they require Large Cables instead of regular cables.


Transformers are crucial to creating advanced circuits. They can be a part of both a regular and advanced circuit, and act as a storage device for advanced power. When connected to a regular power source, they will slowly create and output advanced power.