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Oxygen is most important to run the Meeple Station. Without it, no Meeple can survive.

Producing Oxygen[]

Life Support units will create oxygen for the station. They require a power source and require vents to distribute oxygen. The vents must be hooked up to the Life Support unit with utility oxygen lines.


Oxygen is consumed by the Meeple. Three Meeple will consume the equivalent of one life support unit worth of production. However, Oxygen will also be lost from venting and hull breaches.


Osmosis occurs whenever a Bulkhead Door is opened. The oxygen between both rooms will merge together and equalize so that both rooms will have the same percentage of oxygen.


Whenever an Airlock is opened (or a hull breach occurs) all of the oxygen from the room will be vented immediately. It is recommended that rooms, where airlocks reside, are much smaller so they do not vent a large amount of oxygen.

Room Volume[]

Each hull tile can hold ten units of oxygen. Thus the oxygen volume of an entire room is equal to the number of hull tiles multiplied by ten. Larger rooms will take longer to be replenished.

Hull Breaches[]

If a hull segment is destroyed the adjacent hull pieces will be breached. Oxygen will remain 0% until the breaches in a room are fixed. Players can fix a breach by placing a new structure adjacent to the breach, or by salvaging the breached tile. Breached tiles will flash when hovering over a room.