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This page will serve as a how to play guide for Meeple Station.

Please note that most of the information here is outdated. Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Starting the game[]

Language settings[]

After starting the game, the player can choose a language, and at the moment there are (or will be coming soon with the next update):

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • German
  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • German


When the game starts, players can choose Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Mods in the game's starter window, where are also the Options and the Quit button. In the Pre-Alpha, Multiplayer and Mods are not available. Under "New Game", players can choose between "Sandbox" and "Campaign".


There are five difficulty settings in Meeple Station:

  • Peaceful
  • Mild
  • Challenging
  • Difficult
  • Masochist

Launch the Station[]

When all necessary settings are done, players will arrive in the game window and will be able to launch their first station.

And start!

Needed essentials of the Station are:

At the top of the window, players can have a look at and choose Random Examples of Stations, at the bottom of the window to the left are buttons for Blueprints, Build and Salvage. On the right-hand side are the layers, and one can click through them from top to bottom layer. The isometric grid can also be switched on and off there. Below the layers, the players can pause, and run the game at normal speed or fast forward. With the up-and-down arrows, the station can be moved.

  • Either build a station or use a random example!
  • For first time players, it is recommended to use a random example as a starting point.


Under the "Build" menu, players will find different tabs with modules, structures, power and furniture to build:

  • Modules
    • Life Support - 85 credits
    • Refinery - 100 credits
    • Rock Crusher - 130 credits
    • Smelter - 70 credits
    • Fish Tank - 130 credits
    • Kitchen - 170 credits
    • Food Dispenser - 50 credits
    • Ice Processor - 40 credits
    • Research Desk - 125 credits
    • Bathroom - 120 credits
    • Waste Bin - 30 credits
    • Waste Ejector - 85 credits
    • Water Tank - 17 credits
    • Medical Supplies - 10 credits
  • Furniture
    • Cheap Bed - 9 credits
    • Basic Bed - 15 credits
    • Bed - 18 credits
    • Suit Rack - 36 credits
    • Small Container - 12 credits
    • Large Container - 24 credits
    • Office Desk - 25 credits
    • Dresser - 18 credits
    • Foot Locker - 6 credits
    • Lamp - 20 credits
    • Pot Plant - 15 credits
    • Large Plant - 75 credits
    • Glass Chair - 5 credits
    • Glass Table - 10 credits
    • Glass Bed - 15 credits
    • Basic Chair - 5 credits
    • Basic Table - 10 credits
    • Chair - 6 credits
    • Table - 12 credits
    • Wooden Chair - 100 credits
    • Wooden Table - 200 credits
    • Wooden Bed - 300 credits
    • Storage Boxes - 9 credits
    • Heavy Chair - 10 credits
    • Heavy Table - 20 credits
    • Heavy Bed - 30 credits
  • Decorative Furniture
    • Foot locker - 10 credits
    • Wooden Chest - 100 credits

  • Structures
    • Basic Hull - 30 credits
    • Ladder Segment - 35 credits
    • Bulkhead - 30 credits
    • Airlock - 70 credits
    • Docking Gantry - 325 credits
    • Reinforced Hull - 50 credits
    • Glass Hull - 25 credits
    • Heavy Hull - 50 credits
    • Grated Hull - 25 credits
    • Carpeted Hull - 30 credits
    • Tiled Hull - 30 credits

This menu will reappear later.

When done in this window - press launch and you will spawn in a randomly chosen location on the map.


Press "L" to open the map. There are three factors that tie into gameplay: resources, trade routes, and pirates. The resources in your area are the resources that you can collect. Being near trade routes will generate extra trade with ships, and being near pirates will mean raids.

The map


To assign meeple to jobs, you first need a captain. press "V" to open the hierarchy menu, then assign a meeple to be captain. Now, Press "M" to open the meeple page. This is where you find your meeple's stats, like mood, stress, oxygen, hunger, hygiene, and stamina. click "assign job" and assign a job.

Available jobs on the station:

Pick the task best suited for your meeples, as there are significant mood and productivity penalties if they dislike their work. If their mood drops enough, they will jump out the airlock to commit suicide.


"I" opens up the Inventory menu, here, players can create "Tickets" for resources they want to have refined.


"F" opens the research menu. There are different branches of technology to discover.


"B" opens the build menu. The only difference now that the game has started is that instead of using money to build, you use various resources.

Salvage and Mine[]

Press "V" and select parts of the station to remove or parts of asteroids to mine. Miners will put on spacesuits and destroy asteroids, while engineers will dismantle parts of the spacecraft. They may also wear spacesuits, depending on where the target structure is.


Meeple Station is played with Mouse and Keyboard.

Default Keybindings:

A = Pan Camera Left
D = Pan Camera Right
W = Pan Camera North
S = Pan Camera South
Left arrow = Secondary Camera Left
Right arrow = Secondary Camera Right
Up arrow = Secondary Camera North
Down arrow = Secondary Camera South
Z = Increment zoom
Period = Move down layer
Comma = Move up layer
> = Secondary down layer
< = Secondary up layer
H = Re-center camera
Space = Pause/Play
Equals = Speed up
Minus = Slow down
B = Toggle building menu
V = Toggle salvaging on
X = Toggle order canceling on
R = Toggle rotation
T = Toggle trade docking airlock

Tips and tricks[]

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